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Works commitees

Le Grand Défi – Paintball Loisir already works with many Business Committees..

In Vendée or in neighboring departments, many trust us to organize their year-end outings or casual outings.

Tickets for works commitees

We also offer extremely advantageous ticketing system, since it works with with a deposit : you do not have to pay up front!

The process is extremely simple:
First you choose the number and kind of tickets (“Le Grand Défi” or “Paintball Loisir”, adult or child).
Then you just have to sell these tickets to your employees, or why not offer them as part of year-end celebrations, for example.

Finally, according to the contract we would have previously signed, we will charge you later in the year for the tickets that you actually passed.

All at special price!

The EC outputses

As part of an EC release, “Le Grand Défi”- “Paintball Loisir” also intends to organize your meal (barbecue, picnic, dinner tray, …) and why not your accommodation (our nearby partners: hotels and campsites).

Note that you can also “Le Grand Défi” and / or “Paintball Loisir”, for a day or half a day for the employees of your company (outside our opening times only).

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