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Go on the official website of the French forecast Services and check the forecasts for Saint julien des Landes or Château d’Olonne
Yes, obviously you can! Even if it rains, access to the acrobatic trails and to the paintball ground is allowed. Just remember to come with appropriate clothes and shoes!
No you don’t! Access is free for anyone who wishes to stay on the ground.
No, you don’t. You can come whenever you want within the opening hours!
Yes, you do. Booking is required to allow us to organize the groups as efficiently as possible. Game conditions will be better for you, as we’ll be able to offer you the scenarios the most appropriate to the group’s number of players.
Yes, it is. Picnic tables are set up in the forest and near the paintball playing fields. Theses tables are shaded, so you can enjoy your meal even if the sun is shining brightly!
Once you arrive in St Julien des Landes, spot the pub “Le Globule”. Then, take the road that leads to Coëx – La Chapelle Hermier. After 500 meters on that road, turn right just before the road sign that marks the exit of St Julien des Landes and you’ll enter our car park.
We can loan you sport shoes for only 2€, just remember to bring your own socks. Anyway, in a concern for comfort, we advise you to come with your own sport shoes!
As long as you wish! Access to the acrobatic trails isn’t limited on time. We just keep right to limit it at 3 hours between the 1st of July and the 31st of August, in case of very high attendance.
With the time required to give you the safety instructions and your equipment, the game itself and the time you need to tidy your equipment up, you’ll be on site for approximately 2 hours.
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